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For 15 years, LPC Services has been helping credit unions and banks buy and sell high-quality loan portfolios LPC has closed more than $4 billion dollars in auto, commercial, member business, residential and credit card loan deals since 2015 With a nationwide network of buyers and sellers, we can identify exclusive leads, find competitive prices, and streamline the sale process We are a growing firm looking to add seasoned loan professionals

Who is LPC Services?

LPC Services works with financial institutions to enhance their loan portfolios and mitigate risks to their balance sheets. We have a national network of buyers and sellers of loan participations and sales over a broad range of collateral sectors.

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With a reputation for bringing loans to market and closing deals quickly, LPC Services works with financial institutions buying and selling loans in the following sectors:

Auto, CRE, MBL, Residential and Credit Card

Buyer Services

  • Exclusive offerings
  • High-quality loans
  • Customizable transactions
  • Success-based fees

Seller Services

  • High closing ratio
  • Efficient execution
  • Simplified sale process
  • Repeat buyers

Inside LPC Services

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      •  Auto/Consumer
      •  Commercial/MBL
      •  Residential

Specialized Programs

LPC Services offers a wide range of programs to help our clients better manage their auto, residential, member business, commercial and credit card loan holdings.

> Loan Participations
> Credit Card Partnerships
> Credit Card Participations
> Mortgage Loan Conduit
> Non-Performing Loan Sales
> Troubled Debt Restructuring (TDR)

Recent Closed Deals

Amount: $14,739,021
Price: $100.000
Part. Rate: 4.500 %
WAM: 123.00
Avg Life:
Yield: 4.409 %
Amount: $9,319,812
Part. Rate:
WAM: 0.00
Avg Life:
Yield: 10.000 %
Amount: $7,975,492
Price: $100.850
Part. Rate: 4.600 %
WAM: 59.00
Avg Life:
Yield: 100.850 %
Amount: $5,699,915
Price: $101.800
Part. Rate: 5.000 %
WAM: 173.00
Avg Life:
Yield: 4.572 %
Amount: $4,998,928
Price: $102.000
Part. Rate: 6.190 %
WAM: 75.00
Avg Life:
Yield: 5.169 %
Amount: $4,618,697
Price: $102.750
Part. Rate: 6.500 %
WAM: 138.00
Avg Life:
Yield: 5.486 %
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