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Regulatory Support Tailored To Your Needs


The office of Regulatory Affairs at Balance Sheet Management and Consulting Services is staffed with a team of former examiners from the OCC and the NCUA who can help:

üReduce Regulatory Burden       üLower Costs        üSave Time          üManage Risk

We provide a complete range of loan participation and whole loan purchase/sale related policy development and examination support services to help your institution navigate a complex regulatory environment.

Our flat-rate regulatory consultation package includes:

·         Review and maintenance of policies

·         Assistance establishing balanced risk limits

·         Transaction due diligence worksheet

·         Exam related resolution

·         Pre-exam coaching call

·         Board support and education

·         Series of regulatory consultations to conduct in-depth review that troubleshoots prospective concerns.

·         Year-round priority access to the Regulatory Help Desk


In addition, the Office of Regulatory Affairs provides other exam support, consultation, and policy services. All regulatory consultations are provided through Balance Sheet Management Services.


You can contact the Office of Regulatory Affairs at Balance Sheet Management Services at 800-335-5371 or email