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Loan Portfolio Programs

Through LPC’s specialized loan programs, we offer multiple options for credit unions and banks to effectively manage their loan portfolio.

  • Loan Participations
  • Credit Card Partnerships
  • Credit Card Participations
  • Mortgage Loan Conduit
  • Non-Performing Loan Sales
  • Troubled Debt Restructuring (TDR)
  • Loan Participations

    LPC’s loan participation program provides a marketplace where auto, commercial, member business and residential mortgage loan pools are bought and sold. Our national profile allows us to identify potentially lucrative opportunities that may not be available in local markets with limited scalability.

    For sellers, LPC’s value clearly lies in its ability to quickly market a loan participation to a diverse group of compatible investors, while for buyers, LPC is a reliable source for participations that can enhance their loan portfolio. The program is staffed by experienced industry professionals who will walk every institution through the participation process.

    Credit Card Partnerships

    Having relationships with the majority of credit card portfolio partners in the United States, LPC Services facilitates partnerships in which the seller receives a premium for their credit card portfolio that, in turn, helps bolster the seller’s net worth ratio. Furthermore, the seller shares in income streams derived from the portfolio during the 5-year contract period.

    To find out if a credit card partnership is right for your institution, our specialists will review your current credit card program—taking into account growth strategies, competition, fraud, credit risk and expenses—and develop a risk-adjusted profitability analysis and valuation.

    Credit Card Participations

    LPC has partnered with a leader in credit card services to help credit unions tap into a turnkey solution that will give their members access to a valuable credit card program while removing the administrative costs for their institution. When entering into a credit card participation, a credit union retains a share of the portfolio and its revenue generation, while a leader in credit card services for credit unions assumes responsibility for managing and building the portfolio. At the end of the five-year contract, the credit union has the right to buy back the participation amount at par.

    Mortgage Loan Conduit

    LPC's correspondent lending program improves institutions’ ability to meet the mortgage needs of clients by expanding their product offerings, simplifying pre- and post-close administration, mitigating risk and reducing costs. The program is extremely flexible and user-friendly. Loan funding is typically available within four to five business days, and institutions have the ability to price an individual loan as many times as needed by changing the characteristics and specification of the mortgage loan until it accomplishes the objectives of the borrower and lender.

    Non-Performing Loan and TDR Sales

    If your institution needs to move non-performing loans or troubled debt restructurings (TDRs) off the books, LPC Services has relationships with institutions interested in buying those kinds of debt assets. Our unique associations will help you liquidate compromised loan holdings and rebalance risk on your balance sheet.